Three tips for beginning ‘gamers’ and simulation users

Three things I tell my students in courses where they are learning about ‘how to’ use and design simulations and games –

  1. prepare yourself to manage failures – if you expect to be ‘perfect’ with no glitches you will be disappointed and even deterred – just when you are actually at your ‘learning best potential’
  2. start small – and don’t expect miracles at once. After 30 years of practice I know that learners who are unused to active participation in creating their own learning are reluctant to ‘get involved’ especially when they are occupying a formal teaching/ learning space. Smaller activities with explanation of what they are aiming to achieve, opens up their awareness and interest and help them to adjust their expectations about ‘how to learn’
  3. share with your participants that this is a new process for you and invite them to be part of the whole learning process. This is sometimes hard for a teacher to do – it may mean admitting ‘less than perfect’ knowledge bout what might happen next. However when the participants are aware of this they are likely to be more sympathetic and open to exploring reasons for unexpected results.

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Games designer, and teacher of games design.
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1 Response to Three tips for beginning ‘gamers’ and simulation users

  1. John says:

    There is just one more warning I would offer to those (esperienced or not) using games to learn – Don’t expect it to go exactly to plan, unless the plan is to see what people wil learn.

    Keep away from tight scripts and specific expectations. Be prepared to follow where the learning takes us.

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